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Art Blog is largely a visual journal of inspiring art, artists and creatives; people who inspire my life and my craft. There may a bit of politics thrown in. Nudge. Wink. This journal is my way of educating myself, sifting through the difficult issues, and visualizing a better world. See a bit more about Kathryn here.

Please never stop advocating for the disenfranchised and for the future generations of our world.

Thanks for stopping by. You may see more of my own art and my bio on my portfolio site Canadian Figurative  Artist – Kathryn Kaiser. Visit our studio site for classes, workshops, events and shop products at Verity Blue Studio & Gallery.


Art Trees of Oro-MedonteArt Trees of Oro-Medonte

Art Trees of Oro-Medonte

Category : Street Art, History
The Art Trees of Oro-Medonte project began as a journey into my family's past. Ancestral connections have recently led me to a deepening connection to the area in which I now find myself living. My love of street art was the icing on the proverbial cake.
Ahmad Madoun Syrian Artist

Ahmad Madoun Syrian Artist

Category : Painters, History
Ahmad Madoun was a renowned Syrian artist born in 1941 Palmyra. His creative approach calls to mind the brilliance of early modernist painter Marc Chagall. Like Chagall, Madoun combined symbolism with an accomplished sense of colour.
Chagall Theatre WorksChagall Theatre Works

Chagall Theatre Works

Category : Theatre, Textiles
A visual journey into some of Chagall's unforgettable designs for the stage. Costumes, sets and backdrops for theatre and ballet. Designing for the theatre combined Chagall's love of mythology, drama, romance and music.
Baya MahieddineBaya Mahieddine

Baya Mahieddine

Category : Women & Art, Painters
Baya Mahieddine was known simply as Baya. Her work until recently was defined by her relationships with the male artists in her life. The truth may well be closer the the fact that she influenced their work considerably.
Expansion Paige Bradley

Expansion Paige Bradley

I suppose because my focus is figurative art in a more traditional sense, and because I feel the pull of the demands and expectations of the outside world on my work, one of my favourite sculptural pieces is "Expansion" by Paige Bradley.