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Simple Steps To Change The Country

From Bryson the Gaytive on Twitter
Do you as a settler feel overwhelmed by the recent news? Do you feel that you are only one person and cannot change the world? You can change the world. It all starts with you. You can do these simple steps to change our country:
  1. Educate yourself on what the Residential School System was.
  2. Educate yourself on what the TRC was and especially read the final report.
  3. Have conversations with your peers and friends.
  4. Have conversations with your children ( they aren’t too young)
  5. There are children oriented resources out there to teach young children about the Residential Schools.
  6. Indigenous written/ produced resources should always come first, second, or third. Our stories should always be told by our people.
  7. Educate yourself on proper etiquette for Indigenous allyship. This is essential.
  8. Actively engage in anti racism. You see a post, you hear someone say something, you shut that down right away.
  9. This all will be uncomfortable, you are unlearning unconscious biases.
  10. Lastly, listen to and uplift Indigenous voices. You may be one person, but you can enact change with a boots on the ground mentality. It all can start with you. A lot if this is things you can do on your own.

Additional Resources from Bryson Syliboy

A book I recommend by a relative of mine: Out of the Depths: The Experiences of Mi’kmaw Children at the Indian Residential School at Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia – by Isabelle Knockwood

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Here is a song by a survivor of the Shubenacadie Residential School